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A Quick Introduction

Brewen's Empire Trolley offers various tours such as wine, brew, and spirit tours that include tastings at wineries, breweries, and distilleries, as well as behind-the-scenes tours and a select meal. They also offer specialty tours such as regional wine tours, holiday lights tours, and underground dinner tours. Additionally, they provide transportation and event planning services for weddings and private events, as well as community and corporate events. They also offer mobile advertising, brand awareness and marketing promotion services. They also provide google pictures, reviews and guides services to elevate the business profile of their clients. They also provide Director of Events services such as Specialty Intensive Workshops and Non-Profit Fundraisers.


Brewen’s Infinity Experiences

Brewen’s Infinity Experiences LLC is a company that offers a wide range of services to elevate customers' experiences. Their main service, Lady Trolley, provides five-star tours and transportation for events such as wine, brew, and spirit tours, holiday lights tours, and underground dinner tours. They also offer services to enhance their clients' online presence such as Google pictures, reviews, and guides. Additionally, they have a Director of Events who can help plan and execute events such as specialty intensive workshops and non-profit fundraisers, and can handle events from small to large scale of 2-6500 guests. They also offer wine consultation services such as business wine list curation, personal cellar curation, and winery itinerary curation. They also provide business consultation services such as starting a business, starting an event transportation business and CPUC Authority & CHP Compliance.

Brewen's Empire Trolley

Brewen's Empire Trolley offers a range of tours that include wine, brew, and spirit tours that feature tastings at wineries, breweries, and distilleries, a behind-the-scenes tour, a select meal, and a champagne or beer in a souvenir glass upon boarding. They have different types of tours like Setting the Standard Tour which includes 3 Wineries, Best of Both Worlds Tour which includes 3 Wineries/Breweries and Best of All Worlds Tour which includes 1 Winery/1 Brewery/1 Distillery. They also offer Specialty tours such as Regional Wine Tours, Holiday Lights Tours, Underground Dinner Tours, Halloween Home Tours and Special Day Tours. They also provide transportation and event planning services for weddings and private events like Wedding Guests, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Party & Family, Mid Day Wedding Wine Tour and Personalized Logo Glassware.

Community & Corporate Events

Community & Corporate Events services offered by Brewen’s Infinity Experiences LLC, include custom retreats, school, church, and sports team activities, parade participation, on-site and off-site transportation, and special holiday religious transportation. They also provide Easter group accommodations and overflow parking solutions. The Trolleys are perfect for group activities and are a hit with children. Each Trolley can hold up to 32 passengers and they have an entire fleet of Trolleys. They also offer additional services such as mobile advertising, brand awareness, and marketing promotion through website and social media platforms. They also offer trolley rides for adults and children, which is a fun and unique way to experience events. The company has a highly experienced team of professionals who are deeply involved in the community and can curate custom events that showcase the best of the area.



The entire staff at Brewen’s Empire Trolley is dedicated to creating a unique and memorable experience from your initial contact to the completion of the tour. When you board the trolley, you will enjoy a complimentary wine, sparkling wine or beer tasting, the beautiful Southern California weather, and music as you roll along.

Amy Brewen, owner, founder and operator of Brewen’s Empire Trolley, is dedicated to being flexible and creating a custom event that meets all of your needs. In addition to our daily tours through the Temecula Wine Country, upcoming events include dinner tours, wine and food pairings, beer and brewery tours, and unique holiday events that are tailored to celebrate each holiday. The event possibilities are limited only by the collective imaginations of Amy and her clients. Amy is known for her flexibility and willingness to work within any budget. In the current economy, she is sensitive and creative, knowing that people are determined to be prudent, yet continue to celebrate all of life’s great moments.

As a longtime resident of Temecula Valley, and with over 20 years of event planning experience, Amy has a thorough knowledge of the Inland Empire, including all of its quality venues, events and vineyards. Her community partners also have the high standard of character and service that she cultivates within her own company. She dedicates herself to taking every experience that her clients partake to a higher level. It is what makes the ride worthwhile for all of us!

Our tours and events take place aboard the classic 32 passenger Molly trolley. This classic vehicle, with wood seats and brass bells hearken to the true spirit of Californians who are determined to remember its history and unique flavor, offer the ideal way to enjoy all of life’s celebrations.

Creating Lasting Memories

What is Lady Trolley?

Brewen’s Empire Trolley 

  • Wine, Brew and Spirit

Tours include up to 6 hours Trolley, champagne or beer in a souvenir glass upon boarding, a select meal and tastings at wineries, breweries, distillery, as applicable, and a behind the scenes tour. 

  • Setting the Standard Tour: 3 Wineries 
  • Best of Both Worlds Tour: 3 Wineries/Breweries
  • Best of All Worlds Tour: 1 Winery/1 Brewery/1 Distillery
  • Souvenir Glassware: Wine/Champagne/Beer
  • Specialty Tours
      • Regional Wine Tours: Allow Amy and her team to curate a personalized palate driven regional wine tour, such as San Diego to San Francisco, Italy to France, the list is limitless.
  • Holiday Lights Tours: Up to 2 hours Trolley tour of award winning homes including famous Bainbridge  
      • Underground Dinner Tours: Up to 5 hours Trolley Progressive dinner tour to three hidden gems resulting in 1 3-5 course delicious dinner experience.
      • Halloween Home Tours: Up to 2 hours Trolley tour to noteworthy & festive haunts.
      • Special Day Tours: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s & Father’s Day 
  • Weddings & Private Events & Transportation
  • Wedding Guests: Up to 500 guests safely & timely transported to and from the wedding venue. 
      • Rehearsal Dinner: Sit back, relax and enjoy more time with your wedding party as our driver safely escorts you to and from rehearsal dinner to multiple accommodations. 
      • Wedding Party & Family: Let us ensure your parents and grandparents get exactly where they need to be when they need to be there for family pictures. 
      • Mid Day Wedding Wine Tour: Destination weddings demand a wine tasting experience of this young California award winning Temecula Valley AVA  with the added benefit of you enjoying more quality time and laughs with your family and friends.
      • Personalized Logo Glassware: A simple Cheers flute or an etched wine glass incorporating our logo, your names, dates, logo, hashtag is a unique gift for everyone.
  • Community & Corporate Events 
      • Custom Retreats: New to the area? Allow Amy, over 20 years highly involved in the community, curate a custom event for you taking in all the gems of the valley.
      • School, Church, Sports Team Activities: Trolleys are a hit with the children. Expand your group activity with Trolleys, each holds up to 32 passengers and we have an entire fleet! 
      • Parade Participation: Make a statement in your community parade with a trolley.
      • On Site Transportation: Save your guests from a long walk from their cars with a trolley.
      • Off Site Transportation: Shuttling guests is fun and efficient in a trolley.
      • Special Holiday Religious Transportation  
        • Easter Group Accommodations
        • Overflow Parking: Encourage and welcome all with a complimentary trolley
        • Trolley Rides: Adults & children enjoy ringing the bell on a quick trolley ride at your event.
  • Community Partner 
    • Mobile Advertising: Get your signage seen all throughout Southern California 
    • Brand Awareness: Make your brand a foundation of the community with your giveaways  
    • Marketing Promotion: Website and social media promotion on main platforms

What is Brewen’s Infinity Experiences LLC?

      • Lady Trolley - Finding the 5 Star in every experience.
        • Google Pictures: Utilizing an HDMI camera, elevate your business profile with detailed and panoramic pictures of your menu, offerings and location. 
        • Google Reviews: LadyTrolley finds the 5 star in each aspect of your experience leaving out anything less than, knowing the 5 star is what sets you apart from others.
        • Google Guides: An aficionado in the food & beverage industry, with an impact of over 3.77 million on Google, the guides curated by LadyTrolley sets you among the best in your niche. 
      • Director of Events
        • Specialty Intensive Workshops: Looking to create an in person seminar or workshop but not sure where to begin? Let Amy organize the entire event for you or strategize and/or review what you have created to guide you in ways to save money or fill in possible gaps to ensure your event is executed to your vision.
        • Non-Profit Fundraisers: For over 40 years, Amy has actively supported the non-profit world with donation of event, fundraising and transportation services. 
        • Custom Events 2-6500: From a Grand Cru personal tour with a Certified Wine Specialist to a 6500 person sporting event and everything in between, Amy is the authority in curating and executing these events on point utilizing her multi million dollar project experience and extensive knowledge in the tour and event industry. 
      • Wine Consultation
        • Business Wine List Curation: Creating and expanding your wine list a simple and easy process when you enlist the support of Amy utilizing her mind and palate for your clientele. 
        • Personal Cellar Curation: Curating a wine cellar for your home to ensure you always have an offering for your family and friends is a snap with Amy’s assistance, where no cellar is too big or too small.
        • Winery Itinerary Curation: Taking in your palate, allow Amy to curate a guide to wine country. When you know the specialty focus of the winery, you can be confident you will enjoy their wines. And when you don’t, it’s like walking into an Italian restaurant expecting really good Mexican food.  
      • Business Consultation 
        • Starting a Business: Starting a business is simple and quick with support along the way.
        • Starting an Event Transportation Business: Being your own boss in the leisure industry is fun and exciting and empowering most of all. 
        • CPUC Authority & CHP Compliance: Let our team assist you in beginning or complying with the authorities in our industry.

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